Troubleshooting common router and switches problems

A router is a device that transfers the data between different computer networks. When multiple routers are connected to the same network they can change their destination IP address.


There is a wide variety of routers available in the market and all differ in terms of their quality, features and working efficiency. Nowadays Cisco router is the best router among the different routers available in the market. It has a huge demand in the market, as time passes its productivity is increasing at a rapid rate. To further increase its productivity and to help its customer Cisco has started new service call Cisco router customer support service, this service is for the users who face problems during the use of Cisco router. This will provide the solution of all the technical problems that a user encounters.

 All routers have one thing common i.e. their technical problems. All routers have some technical issues which are very common; this article will summarize some of the common problems of routers along with their solution.

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