Gmail Troubleshooting

GmailGmail troubleshooting is the responsive assistance provided by Gmailto resolve all issues that crop up while using Gmail. Troubleshooting provides solutions to almost every possible error that arises in Gmail and puts in the troubleshooting forum by Gmail support executive or the fellow users.

Problems and Solutions in Gmail account-
Login issue- for logging into the Gmail account, the required things is your username or email address and password. Not more than anything is required to login if you remember the password of your account. Otherwise, you would have to follow some predefined steps by Gmail to enter into your Gmail account. Contact Gmail Tech Support if you still find it difficult to log in.
Sign-up issue- If you do not own any Gmail account and are looking to get one then you could directly visit the homepage of Gmail, but the problem does not stop here. A various amount of problems might occur when you create a Gmail account. The main problems include username and password.Most of the time username does allow a user to choose its desired username.
The Size of a file- while uploading a file from your system to Gmail for sending, a message of “size of the file exceeded” pops up. One of the possible cases might the actual exceeded the size of the file, but the other case is the technical default. You could not do anything if you see this error except contacting to Gmail customer support.
Message in spam box- One of the most common errors that are faced by Gmail users is the relevant message in the spam box. Sometimes, an informative Email is directly launched to the spam folder. It is not an actual technical fault. It is the product of community driven spam filtering feature by Gmail. A small amount of suspicion in the email might result in this situation.
Unable to send a message- This is the most annoying problem in Gmail. This problem mostly occurs when you are using Gmail app on your mobile device.When you send an Email, it automatically gets saved in the draft or the app gets automatically closed. This happens for a particular time and it is not a big deal to handle this problem. It is just a technical glitch that does not last long. After sometimes, this glitch gets automatically removed.