About Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processor that is developed by the Microsoft, this tool was first released on the 25 October 1983 that time it was named multi tool word and that was for the Xenix system, Richard Brodie was the first primary software engineer for this multi tool word. Its name was changed very soon after the release from multi tool word to Microsoft word, the free demonstration copy of the application was bundled with the PC World magazine of the issue of November 1983, and this was the first time when any company has distributed on disk with a magazine.

At first, Microsoft Word was designed to use the mouse, the windowed word processor has the ability to undo, redo and display bold italic and underline text, at that time the leading word processor was the WordStar. To know more you can visit our website http://msofficesupportnumber.org/microsoft-access-support/.

The second release of the word was developed for the Mac OS that was released in the 1987 and named Word3.0. The Word 3.0 has numerous new features as well as the internal enhancements; this version was suspended in few months by a more stable version word 3.01 because word 3.0 was plagued with bugs and word 3.01 was mailed to the all registered user of word 3.0. Later in the year, 1992 Microsoft releases Word 5.1 for Mac operating system that was a very popular word processor that was relatively easy to use and have set of new features many users said this was the best version of the word for Mac operating system. With the release of window 3.0, the sale of the word processor is picked up and Microsoft becomes the market leader of word processor at that time. With the time many features bundled with the Microsoft Word that is like WordArt, this is used to enable drawing text in the Microsoft Word documents that are used for the watermark, other graphical effect and shadowing somewhere. One is the macro that is used for making the certain input sequence that mapped with the output sequence of the defined process.

Microsoft also provides the best support to their users if you a Microsoft word user and if you face any issue in your product then you can contact to the Microsoft office customer care anytime they provide service 24/7 if you want the contact number of the MS office support number then you can visit here.