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About Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processor that is developed by the Microsoft, this tool was first released on the 25 October 1983 that time it was named multi tool word and that was for the Xenix system, Richard Brodie was the first primary software engineer for this multi tool word. Its name was changed very soon after the release from multi tool word to Microsoft word, the free demonstration copy of the application was bundled [...]

Gmail Troubleshooting

Gmail troubleshooting is the responsive assistance provided by Gmailto resolve all issues that crop up while using Gmail. Troubleshooting provides solutions to almost every possible error that arises in Gmail and puts in the troubleshooting forum by Gmail support executive or the fellow users. Problems and Solutions in Gmail account- • Login issue- for logging into the Gmail account, the required things is your username or email address and password. Not more than anything is [...]

Google Chrome

Chrome, the most used web browser by peoples all over the world.Want to know more about Chrome? Google launched Google Chrome(or Chrome) for public access on 11 December 2008. Initially, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was not sure about development of a web browser because according to him at that Google was not that big Company which cannot afford the loss due to browser competition that was taking place between various company’s who releases their own [...]

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