routersupport A BCZ Site Fri, 11 Aug 2017 09:05:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 About Microsoft Word Wed, 09 Aug 2017 09:52:06 +0000 routersupport Continue reading ]]> Microsoft Word is a word processor that is developed by the Microsoft, this tool was first released on the 25 October 1983 that time it was named multi tool word and that was for the Xenix system, Richard Brodie was the first primary software engineer for this multi tool word. Its name was changed very soon after the release from multi tool word to Microsoft word, the free demonstration copy of the application was bundled with the PC World magazine of the issue of November 1983, and this was the first time when any company has distributed on disk with a magazine.

At first, Microsoft Word was designed to use the mouse, the windowed word processor has the ability to undo, redo and display bold italic and underline text, at that time the leading word processor was the WordStar. To know more you can visit our website

The second release of the word was developed for the Mac OS that was released in the 1987 and named Word3.0. The Word 3.0 has numerous new features as well as the internal enhancements; this version was suspended in few months by a more stable version word 3.01 because word 3.0 was plagued with bugs and word 3.01 was mailed to the all registered user of word 3.0. Later in the year, 1992 Microsoft releases Word 5.1 for Mac operating system that was a very popular word processor that was relatively easy to use and have set of new features many users said this was the best version of the word for Mac operating system. With the release of window 3.0, the sale of the word processor is picked up and Microsoft becomes the market leader of word processor at that time. With the time many features bundled with the Microsoft Word that is like WordArt, this is used to enable drawing text in the Microsoft Word documents that are used for the watermark, other graphical effect and shadowing somewhere. One is the macro that is used for making the certain input sequence that mapped with the output sequence of the defined process.

Microsoft also provides the best support to their users if you a Microsoft word user and if you face any issue in your product then you can contact to the Microsoft office customer care anytime they provide service 24/7 if you want the contact number of the MS office support number then you can visit here.

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Gmail Troubleshooting Wed, 09 Aug 2017 09:42:12 +0000 routersupport Continue reading ]]> GmailGmail troubleshooting is the responsive assistance provided by Gmailto resolve all issues that crop up while using Gmail. Troubleshooting provides solutions to almost every possible error that arises in Gmail and puts in the troubleshooting forum by Gmail support executive or the fellow users.

Problems and Solutions in Gmail account-
Login issue- for logging into the Gmail account, the required things is your username or email address and password. Not more than anything is required to login if you remember the password of your account. Otherwise, you would have to follow some predefined steps by Gmail to enter into your Gmail account. Contact Gmail Tech Support if you still find it difficult to log in.
Sign-up issue- If you do not own any Gmail account and are looking to get one then you could directly visit the homepage of Gmail, but the problem does not stop here. A various amount of problems might occur when you create a Gmail account. The main problems include username and password.Most of the time username does allow a user to choose its desired username.
The Size of a file- while uploading a file from your system to Gmail for sending, a message of “size of the file exceeded” pops up. One of the possible cases might the actual exceeded the size of the file, but the other case is the technical default. You could not do anything if you see this error except contacting to Gmail customer support.
Message in spam box- One of the most common errors that are faced by Gmail users is the relevant message in the spam box. Sometimes, an informative Email is directly launched to the spam folder. It is not an actual technical fault. It is the product of community driven spam filtering feature by Gmail. A small amount of suspicion in the email might result in this situation.
Unable to send a message- This is the most annoying problem in Gmail. This problem mostly occurs when you are using Gmail app on your mobile device.When you send an Email, it automatically gets saved in the draft or the app gets automatically closed. This happens for a particular time and it is not a big deal to handle this problem. It is just a technical glitch that does not last long. After sometimes, this glitch gets automatically removed.

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Google Chrome Wed, 09 Aug 2017 09:33:27 +0000 routersupport Continue reading ]]> google chromeChrome, the most used web browser by peoples all over the world.Want to know more about Chrome?

Google launched Google Chrome(or Chrome) for public access on 11 December 2008.
Initially, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was not sure about development of a web browser because according to him at that Google was not that big Company which cannot afford the loss due to browser competition that was taking place between various company’s who releases their own web browser like Netscape’s Navigator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer,etc.
But later on, when the newly hired developer shows him the demonstration of Chrome, he could not able to hold himself back to not to take initiative for releasing an independent browser as Google’s product.
This finally leads to launch of restricted version of Chrome on 3 September 2008 and the public version on 11 December 2008 for Windows XP and later.

Chrome initially supported 43 different languages but nowadays it supports 47 different languages.

Features of Chrome
These features hide the real reason behind Chrome’s Popularity among its users all over the world.
1. Bookmarking Facility- Chrome allows you to save web pages that you want to open frequently in the form of bookmark so that every time you don’t need to surf it on the web or to learn its URL to open it next time directly. After bookmarking those respective pages are visible on your Chrome’s bookmark bar, you just need to click the required one.
2. Account Synchronization- This sync facility allows Chrome’s user to organize their Chrome according to their need.And they can access their own chrome through any device he just needs to log in their account on the chrome.Thus with this facility of email Account Synchronization, one can access their bookmarks, settings, extensions, etc on any device in which they need to work.
3. Security while Surfing- Chrome gets informed if you are trying to open any blacklisted page(these pages are blacklisted because of two reasons that are phishing and malware).And they show blocked pop-ups or warning to you before it actually opens that page.
4. Maintains Privacy with Incognito Mode-With this incognito mode you can surf the web privately as it disables browser’s ability to store your history.Although the web page you visit did mark your entry on their web page.
5. User-Friendly Interface- It provides a very user-friendly environment which makes its use easy for both beginners as well as experienced users.
6. Increase its efficiency with Extensions- It avails you to add the required extensions so that you can do your work more efficiently because of different features of different extensions.

To know more about Chrome just visit

or contact Chrome Tech Support

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